My FIOS TV getting 720p only? Why?

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My FIOS TV getting 720p only? Why?

Beitragvon LarryWalker » Mo 18. Dez 2017, 14:01

I just got the FiOs package last Saturday and very excited to see HD TV and FASTER internet, however, for some reason, my main TV with DVR is showing only 720p resolution. My other bedroom TV shows 1080p and the coax line from outside to inside house is all changed and newly installed by Verizon Rep. Is there something I missed on DVR setting? DVR is hooked up to the tv using HDMI cable. My TV setting remains the same as prior to FiOS and receiving 1080p from HD antenna which is still hooked up using coax.

Any idea?

Please help.

I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.

References ... d-p/275247

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