Wine lovers and those who sailed Douro please advise me

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Wine lovers and those who sailed Douro please advise me

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My daughter and I often do destination vacations based on wine regions. We have been on 2 river cruises Rhine and Danube and 40 Ocean cruises. We are looking at Douro, but are not fans of port wine. We prefer Cabs and Merlots. We are not looking to do a wine cruise per se, but many of the excursions to wineries talk about tastings of port wines.

Is that all there is? Based on tours, would we be unhappy and only offered port wines? We did enjoy our Rhine cruise but not all tastings were Riesling. Just wondering if other wine lovers but not port lovers can give me their view point. And of course, I know the ship will serve Cabs and Merlots and the scenery is gorgeous. But my thread is all about the wine.

Please help

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